Please select one from the following EXHIBITING Area.
SP tool & Incentive
Novelty Goods, Premium Goods, Ecology Goods, Mobile Tools, Gift Certificates, Prime Gift, Imports, OEM/PLB, Incentives related Goods, All other goods, tools, and know-how useful in sales promotion.
Shop Decoration
Point of purchase, Sign Items, Digital Signage, Printing Equipment, Package, Display tools at point of purchase, Store Fixtures.
IT Sales Support
Hardware and Software for Sales Promotion Support, Application for smartphone, Digital contents, Solution System, SNS, Electronic money, Coupon, Electronic Book, Point system, Operating supporting system, Customer-management system, Various sales promotion support.
Advertising, Media
Advertising media, Advertising planning, Advertising work, Advertisement tool, Advertising design, DM related service, Printing service.
Event Tool
Event display, Rental for events, AV production apparatus, Amusement, Temporary staffing service, Production/Casting, Event plan/support, Event producing.
Varjons Print Systems, tools, Print Goods.